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Organic agriculture

The orchard with a surface of 7 hectares is situated in the Corrèze at an altitude of 330 metres and is organic since 1984. In my orchard I try to maintain a balanced eco-system in order to prevent the apple trees from parasites and pests. You will find in my orchard a low density of apple trees which are pruned in a way that diminishes humidity levels in the trees. You can also find hedges, grassland borders, weedfree strips and nature zones to develop farm wildlife and encourage predators.
I don't spray the « big tree » orchard at all. In the « small tree » orchard I have reduced spraying to an absolute minimum and I only use natural or mineral products in a preventive way which are admitted in organic agriculture. The weeding is being done mecanically and I use only organic compost for fertilizing.


Old apple varieties

In my orchard I only work with old apple varieties of the Limousin region which are adapted to the soil and climate of the region. These varieties have often a natural resistance to diseases. You will find about fifteen different apple varieties like for exemple Sainte Germaine, Court Pendu Gris, Macoune, Rouge de Vergnes, Rampale and Vernajoux.
Every year I plant lots of young apple trees from the orchards nursery. My apple trees are aged from 1 to about 70 years old.


Small and big apple trees

A part of my orchard consists of small apple trees and the other part consists of big apple trees. The big apple trees have a trunc heigt of 1,60 m and more. I am planting the two different types of apple trees. The small apple trees give me the opportunity to harvest apples relatively soon and the big apple trees give me the possibility to create an orchard with a balanced eco-system on the long term without spraying at all.



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